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Iran Tourist Guide - Testimonials

" My name is Pieter Paul , I am a Biologist. I live and work in the Netherlands. This year in June I have made a journey, to watch birds and to record their sounds in various wetlands in the Middle-East. I have visited the Shadegan Marshes in Iran and Ammiq Swamp in Lebanon and Sultan Sazligi Marshes in Turkey. My first aim was to visit the remote Shadegan Marshes in the far South-West part of Iran.The wetland is very close the Iraqi border, and formed one of the most important battlefield of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980-87.

I knew I would be totally helpless in this rural area, where hardly anyone speaks English. A guide with a good understanding of English, Persian and Arabic wouldn't be much of a luxury thing.. Since the Arabs are by far the largest ethnic minority in this area. I found Tirdaad on the site of Birding Pal. From the very first moment he showed his enthousiasm and did his utmost best to arrange the necessary permits to enter this 'political sensitive' area. As soon as I arrived in Teheran all the permits and flight tickets were ready. Everything was arranged really well and the next morning we were ready to fly to Ahvaz in the South-West. We stayed about three days in Ahvaz and about four days in Shadegan. Everyday we left very early in the morning, to reach the wetland as early as possible to avoid the scorching heat and to be ready when the birds wake up. Without Tirdaad this would be shear impossible. He arranged everything, from a good hotel, taxis to a boat with a local Arabic guide in the wetland. With the help of Tirdaad, as an outstanding translator, I was able to speak (and to have a lot of fun!) with the very hospitable local arabs living in little villages next to the wetland.

I guess I realized it even more afterwards: how difficult this would have been to do this on my own. Because of all his efforts I have been able to see a lot of birds and to make many beautiful recordings. Among them there is the song of the 'Basrah Reed Warbler' (acrocephalus Griseldus) a very rare, endemic breeder in this area. But Tirdaad gave me much more than only solutions for hundreds of practical problems. In the afternoon and early evening, when it was very hot to go outside we spent all the time talking about Iran. He made me see the beautiful things and the moderate sides of this country. He knows a lot, and I couldn't imagine to get a better introduction to this beautiful and interesting country. I had a great time in Iran with Tirdaad, and i am very grateful for all his efforts that made my project successful. "

Pieter Paul Pothoven
The Netherlands

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" Anne and I enjoyed the day with you very much and hope to meet you again. The not nice thing in this trip was Hijab thing as having to wear shawl always, it is kind of puts a cloud on the whole Trip! I knew it was like that before I went but it is really something else to experience it. Really to put women under depression. And I am sure you heard this from other Iranian women too and I think they can experess it better than me in English!

All the guys in the group just behaved as anywhere else in the world. They do not understand the feeling but I gave myself the chance to do the experience. The thing is when people ask me about the trip this is what I start talking about as Not all the places we have seen before and what we have done before! I think many did not think we would ever come back as everyone think it is dangerous to go to Iran. All of us in the group had got the question " Are you mad " ? when we said we are going to Iran on holiday. We came to the conclusion we are all people going against the Stream. doing odd things as we are a bunch of odd peoples coming together. And very warming is how so many ordinary people in the Streets have greeted us " Welcome to Iran " it is amazing have never experienced this in any country we have visited before!
And all the historical places and beautiful mosques and shrines such an Architecture and Colour! We had too short time in Persepolise and we are going to write about it in our evaluation to the swedish travel agent although we have visited Teheran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Isfahan, Yazd and finally Abyaneh. They also want to know what we think about the itinerary and make changes according to our opinions, but on the whole I think It was good. The programm is usually very full when you travel in a group so it has many impressions, and I do not want to waste any time by resting always on my way to something ! If I did not have problems for extending my Visa I could have been more out in the mountains and desert but that is your idea about an Iran trip for the IFL comes in. "

Agneta Ronnback / Sweden

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Iran Tour Dusoswa

Date : friday 16 May 2008
From: Hans Dusoswa
To: Mr. Tirdaad Yeganeh-Majd

" In May 2008 for the second time we made a tour through Iran. It was an extensive tour of 21 days with the following destinations : Tehran - Caspian Sea - Tabriz - Hamedan - Kermanshah - Andimeshk - Ahwaz - Shiraz - Yazd - Isfahan - Tehran. Our guide was Mr. Tirdaad Yeganeh-Majd and he turned out to be an excellent tour guide with many qualifications and skills. For Mr. Tirdaad this tour was the more demanding because our driver, Mr. Ali was absolutely impossible and offered many problems to us but mainly to Mr. Tirdaad. He ( the driver ) refused repeatedly to follow the instructions of Mr. Tirdaad and cuasing many problems and difficult situations. We can only recommend Mr. Tirdaad as a tour guide to anybody who wants to visit Iran. Mr. Hans Dusoswa and Mrs. Marijke Dusoswa-Kehlenbrink a Dutch couple living currently in France.

Many friends were puzzled by our plan to travel to Iran. Indeed, Iran is a country not many of us here would think of being a holiday destination. With much curiosity, we were off for the 2-weeks tour to discover the country.
Our itinerary covered the major cities and world heritage sites of Iran – Teheran, Rasht, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd, which gave us a good overview of the modern development and ancient civilizations of the country. The grandeur of Persepolis and Pasargadae were awe inspiring. The colorful tiles and mosaics motif of the mosques/ palaces were gorgeous. And the massive collections in the museums were impressive.
Through our guide, Tirdaad, we learnt much about the country. Each destination he would give us details of its historical background and architectural highlights. He is proficient in several languages; with his translation and explicit explanations, we were able to appreciate the artifacts much better. His vast knowledge and interest on diverse topics including birds and wild life was remarkable and we were just overwhelmed with the amount of information loaded to us each day.

Tirdaad did his utmost to provide answer to all our endless questions and made all effort to ensure that we do not miss out anything interesting. And thanks to his relentless effort, we had the rare opportunity to enter the Theological School which was out of bound to female visitors!
Apart from the ‘heavy’ stuff, the lighter exchanges with our guide, drivers and friendly locals brought greater insights and different perspectives to the culture and life of Iranian. Not forgetting to mention the tasty bread, kebab and traditional ice-cream; they had spiced up our discovery of a fascinating country.

We can now tell our friends that Iran is definitely a country not to be missed for discerning travelers. "

Lee Pei Lih, Lee Siew Hui / Singapore/May 09

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